Monday, June 20, 2011

Keep 'Em Coming

And the hits just keep on coming.....

June 3rd my sweet Grandmother, Mema as we called her, passed away at the age of 91.  
It was 6 months and 3 days after my wonderful Grandfather, Daddad, passed at the age of 92.

We loved our sweet Grandparents.  They lived very long happy lives.  They spent their 71 years together spreading God's word across the South.  

They were adoring grandparents that always loved their grandchildren and as the only granddaughters we especially felt the adoration of our sweet grandparents.  We were cuddled, our hair was braided, they cooked with us, picked "tommy tomatoes" in the garden, and were showered with gifts and most importantly love.

In December when my Daddad passed we began to clean out their home.  This time we went back through everything to get ready for an estate sale.  This time it was more my grandmother's things that we were going through.  As a daughter I've always identified with my mother due to the fact I look like her clone, and love art just like her.  But going through my Mema's things I discovered that I may have inherited more from her than I originally thought.  She had a love for fashion, jewelry, beautiful dinnerware and throwing parties.  As we went through her things I found many vintage clothing that I have an updated version of or antique jewelry that is so very similar to jewelry we've bought lately.  I always knew she loved entertaining and it wasn't until a sweet friend pointed out that I was well on my way to having as many sets of dishes as she did seeing that 5 1/2 years into our marriage I have  
5 sets of dishes (6 if you count the everyday dishes I've already replaced)....
Below are just a few of the beautiful pieces of the crystal, carnival glass and depression glass that I was able to bring home.

I feel so blessed to have known these grandparents.  They were amazing people who lived beautiful lives for Christ and have now obtained their crowns with our Lord in Heaven.

- Granddaughter of Herschel and Reba Patton