Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm on a boat!

Well....we were on a boat!

Last week MK and I took a 7 day cruise down to St. Thomas and St. Maarten! We had so much fun! It was a 7 day cruise and we really relaxed! We spent a lot of time sleeping, soaking in the sun, and chowing down!

We were so ready for the vacay! Our work schedules keep us running around like chickens with our heads cut off so to actually step on to the boat and be able to say there is no way I can answer my phone or email was exactly what we needed! We really did sleep a lot! I didn't know how tired I was!

St. Thomas and St. Maarten were both breathtakingly beautiful! The water, sky, trees, flowers, people were just beautiful!

St. Thomas we window shopped some, had a snack and at small local restaurant and then headed over to Magen's Bay! It is the most beautiful beach I've ever been to! It was so relaxing and the water we so calm I could have stayed there all day!

St. Maarten we shopped a little for souvenirs and then were told that Orient Bay was the best place beach to go. Granted the water was beautiful and when you could find an open bit of sand it was beautiful as well HOWEVER Orient Bay is on the French Side of the island....use your imagination....we saw some sights we were NOT expecting. YIKES! All I can say is if you're ever there head left do NOT go to the right near the "resort!"

We had a lot of fun on our ship too! There was so much to do and so much good food to eat and great shows to see. I think Matt developed a man crush on our cruise director Allen he was amazing and incredibly hilarious! Every time we saw him he had us cracking up!

I love vacations and I am so thankful that we are blessed enough at this point in our lives to take these wonderful vacations. I am also thankful that MK and I can spend a week together on boat in a tiny cabin and come back more in love than we were when we left. I'm such a lucky girl, he's the best!

- tan (for now) lp

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Here are some cute pictures from our Easter with our little niece Claire.

She was so adorable and loved hunting for eggs. I don't know what she will do if there is ever another child in our family and she is forced to share the attention with another baby!

We dyed eggs and colored eggs with markers compliments of Mom aka Grandmere aka meremere.

She was just too adorable that for me to handle with her hair pulled up in a pony tail and her watermelon shirt and easter basket! I could just eat her up...ok not really but she is just so cute. I'm not a biased aunt or anything...

I have to say though I'm not the only one in the family who is obsessed with her. Being the only grandchild she is pretty much the center of EVERYONE'S attention as I'm sure you can tell.

- overly loving aunt lp