Monday, October 24, 2011


Well let's try this getting back into blogging again.....

It's been several months again but it seems like the year just isn't getting any easier.  I've been of the mindset that I'm not going to put it all out there for the world to see and I'm still of that mindset to some extent.  We've dealt with a lot of crazy news, death, and obstacles this year.  I'm thinking though we MAY be on the upswing with news.  We need it.

For the most part life is good with it's occasional rough patches that everyone goes through and the journey is of course a lesson.  The lessons we're learning are not really lessons that I thought I'd learn and don't feel old enough to learn BUT the fact that I'm blessed with such a wonderful husband who keeps me laughing constantly seems to make up for days like today when I feel pretty melancholy about life in general.   
In truth I probably just need a nap.
In reality I need to just suck it all up and deal - I am a big girl and that's what big girls do.

The good things in life lately have been the blessings of family and close loving friends.  If it weren't for our precious families this year would be unbearable. 

How could life not feel blessed when it's shared with this precious little girl?  This is our bug who is getting to be quite the big girl at the Candy Kitchen in Indian Rocks Beach.

I have seen answered prayers in our life too and they seem to just keep coming and it's days like today I need a reality check to say, "HEY LP WAKE UP AND BE THANKFUL!" 
I'm really hoping to be able to share our story and journey with everyone soon.  I think honesty about life is the best way to help and educate others.  

So here's to keeping up with this blog, not being a Debbie Downer, and hopefully encouraging others along the way!

- L to the P