Monday, May 24, 2010

Favorite Things

I may have many favorite things. Probably too many to list in a song as Julie Andrews so poetically does. I don't often list products or items that I adore on my blog but if I find something I love I figure why not share it.

So here is a favorite thing of mine.

It is from Bath & Body Works. MK bought me some for Christmas in their clean linen scent which if you know anything about me is right up my alley. This week I decided to branch out and tried Orange Sapphire. So nice and springy and refreshing. Makes your skin so smooth and will help with those unsightly calloused heels that us Florida girls get from too much time in flip flops. They did have a deal on them this week too. Can't remember exactly what it was but you had a buy a couple of them to the deal.
So if you're inclined enjoy one! It made me feel better on a manic Monday.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Distraction, Veggies, and the Effects of Marriage on Diets....

I am in need a of a distraction from staring a food, recipes and training materials this morning or afternoon whichever it is and....
This one has lost his crazy mind today

And has therefore influenced this one to be just as crazy....

So here are my thoughts lately on food.
Monday I went grocery shopping. While shopping for the necessities I had a hard time figuring out which protein (specifically chicken, pork and turkey) sounded good to me and which ones I would want to cook with this week.

Alternately while in the perusing the produce, veggies, and nuts I had to make myself stop from putting items into my cart. The fresh fruits, decadent berries, tasty leafy greens and delicious roasted almonds were just so appealing to me.

Monday and Tuesday MK wasn't really around so I cooked and ate whatever looked good to me at the time. By Wednesday night when I contemplating dinner I realized it had been since Sunday since I had had protein from a meat source and the lack of meat didn't bother me.

All this made me wonder......
Would I be an vegetarian inadvertently due to my own food preferences and not convictions (cause let's be honest I do not have personal issues with eating animals) if I were still single at this point in life and not married to MK who is very much a carnivore?

It is quite interesting to consider how the person you are married to influences every single part of your life including which foods you choose to eat even if those items may or may not be a personal preference. Now understand that I don't have an issue with this influence, I just think it's interesting to think about.

- carnivorous lp

p.s. Alternatively Doritos were Buy One Get One (BOGO for Payless fans) and I'm weak. I do love Doritos! Don't judge.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Anxiety, drugs, bangs, and groceries

Ever feel like you need to go to the grocery store and then when you sit down to make your list and go through your coupons and look for deals you just feel like I don't know if I really want to eat any of that stuff? Or what on earth can I make for dinner off of this list....nothing?!??

Anxiety is no good. Life seems unsettled and as it gets unsettled I get to doing things. Laundry at amazing speeds, cleaning like I've got the queen of England coming to stay with me, drastic decisions like to have Jenny give me bangs and dye my hair super dark.

MK suggested I take a Xanax...I don't think I'm to that point..............


So here I sit with a grocery list of necessities that can't make weeks worth of dinners. The grocery store does not sound inviting on this monday COFFEE-LESS morning. YUP! We were out of coffee too!

There is a trip to the gym that has to fit in somewhere too along with our weekly group meeting tonight. I suppose I should get off the computer and do what I need to do then.

Before I do that though...

When was the last time you had bangs? Mine would be probably around 9th grade in the middle of my ever so long awkward stage. Welp I may have stepped back into it because as mentioned before in ever drastic move to be in control I had Jenny change my hair.So there you have it
And here I go...groceries. Blah.


Friday, May 7, 2010

Positive Attitude, Trust and Enchiladas

So I've been faced with difficult situations lately and am working through them but man is it hard to have a good attitude.

Sometimes it's even harder to trust that situations will work out for the best in the end (especially when you're a control freak posing as a go with flow kinda girl)! ;-)

Moving forward with your life into all kinds of uncertainty effects that attitude and trust. It's hard to concentrate on the important things and just give it up to God sometimes.

So in the midst of all this uncertainty and uneasy feelings and trust and out of control feelings I decided that MK and I would really enjoy some homemade Enchiladas and Taco Soup, it was Cinco de Mayo after all!

The recipe for enchiladas was given to me years ago and I have made that recipe on occasion but it got eaten somewhere between me "organizing" and the junk drawer. So I made the recipe up as I perused the aisles of Publix. I think they turned out quite well! I would give the recipe however since they were made up I only know the ingredients and not how much of each item was used. That's generally how I cook anyways...poor MK is always having to try my inventions. Lucky for me isn't all that picky and eats most everything.

The Taco Soup however was a recipe I followed and was quite possibly the easiest/quickest soup I've ever made! It was a recipe I've had since the we got married given to by a lady from church.

All in all it was a grand fiesta! Afterwards we went to church and went to bed earlier. We are wild and crazy I know!

-Senora LP