Monday, August 30, 2010

Ethiopia & Seychelles

Dad is in Ethiopia again for his bi-annual trip.  He will wrap up his trip in Seychelles for a couple of weeks.  To follow him on this incredible journey visit his blog:

- daddy's girl lp

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Circle G

As mentioned in some other posts MK owns a feed store with one of our good friends. I will say that it is a different world than over here in the suburbs of Tampa.

After the bank a couple nights a week MK
goes up to the Circle G to do different tasks and help his business
partner out with other things.
Thursday it was a delivery that needed to be done. Since we've both been working tons of hours and I'll be traveling next week the pups and I decided to ride along on this delivery. We rode in the box truck which struck panic in Joey almost immediately. We saw some pretty property and beautiful houses. We also saw a girl that had gotten thrown off her horse and was laying face down in the grass. MK, being the guy that he is and the fact that he inherited some captain underpants characteristics from his dad, swerved the box truck off the road and sprinted into the field only to find out the girl was fine AND that he knew almost everyone in the field. The dogs and I hung out in the truck while MK loaded and unloaded and then re-loaded the truck.

I will say that the horse world is a whole different CRAZY world.
If you're interested in the Circle G here are some links and more info:

Website -

Facebook Fan Page, become a FAN! -

Blog -

- proud wife lp

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Working From Home

Working From Home is a concept that I get asked about all the time. I have thewonderfulblessing of being able to work from myhouse for acompany located on the East Coast of this Beautiful sunshine state in which we live. The question I get asked the most is, "Don't you just LOVE working from home?" And most of the time myanswer is, "YES!" But, sometimes I want togive the long answer. Pictures in this post show you my workspace in the smack-dab, middle of my house (quite literally, since we live in a 12oo sq.ft. bowling alley of a townhouse, for which we are very thankful). What these pictures do not capture are the following items:
1. The Ringing Phone of personal calls that you desperately want to take but have to choose work in stead.
2. The laundry piled high while you stare at spreadsheets.
3. The chicken you forgot to take out of the freezer to thaw for
dinner and in turn you feel like a dummy cause you have after all been in the house all day.
4. The 5:45, 6:30, 7:00 & 9:00 evening phone calls that still come cause after all your really haven't ever left the office, in fact you sleep at the office.
5. The projects left unfinished because while you stare at them day in day out you're really staring at training materials and culinary forms.
6. Dog Hair.
7. The distractions. Here is a picture of my latest distraction and the newest decorative change in the Kelly household. PSA: Decorative changes happen quite often here don't be surprised.

8. Being home when MK has to make an emergency run home from work due to a "wardrobe malfunction" (which happened today).

9. Being able to snuggle sleeping puppies after a stresfull work email, phone call, text, voice mail. Because after all that's what sleeping puppies are for.
10. Being able to take a lunch break to the gym and not having to worry about making it back to office all sweaty cause your shower is upstairs and you'll get a shower at some point today.

There are other highs and lows of working from home but those are just some highlights and ideas of what your workspace might look like spread across your dining room table if you too were a housewife with another full time job that required much of your time.
- home-worker expert lp

Friday, August 6, 2010

July Birthdays

I know a lot of people with July birthdays but more importantly I know 2 VERY important people who are July Babies.
Dad & Mom.
They are a few weeks apart but we always love celebrating our parents, they mean so much to us. Dad turned the big 6-0 so we had a surprise party at Em & Chris' house, complete with hamburgers and hot dogs, and a cake from Emma's and lots of friends.
And boy was he surprised!

We had a quaint party for Mom at our house that consisted of Make your own salads and of course Publix cake....Mom's addiction.

- the youngest lp