Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Food

Are there special things you eat at Christmas?
My family eats mostly the same things at Christmas and we do basically a Christmas breakfast no matter what time of the day we eat it.  Mom takes care of most of that so I tend to not have to do the cooking for that meal, thankfully.
MK however grew up eating some non traditional foods, and by non traditional foods I mean, non traditional southern Christmas recipes, (which to me rain supreme over all recipes, but I digress).
Friday  MK took a big BIG test that determined him keeping his job. He passed with flying colors! Yay!  
We were very excited!  So I cooked him Kung Pao Chicken from scratch in his Wok he got for his B'day.  No, this is not a part of the Christmas foods BUT it was during the Christmas weekend so I'm including it.  It's fairly easy to make if you have all the items.  Good news is once you buy all the ingredients they last a really long time cause you only use a dab here and dash there.  I made it quite spicy and will probably cut back on the chili paste but non the less it was delish!

Saturday Morning - Christmas Eve
As I'm sure many of you eat at some point during the Christmas holiday I got up and made MK's favorite breakfast casserole.  Now - this isn't my recipe and isn't my favorite, I was raised on the bacon crescent roll variety BUT MK likes it so I make it, he eat most of it anyways.  I also knew I'd be getting my favorite the next night when we celebrated with my fam.  

Saturday Evening - Christmas Eve
MK's family across the country, according to him ALWAYS eats clam chowder on Christmas eve. So we've been making clam chowder on Christmas Eve for awhile now.  I decided this year to make it completely from scratch.  The recipes I've been given use canned clam chowder as a base.  I thought "Hey, lp, you can do this completely from scratch."  And so the experiment began.  It turned out really well and really wasn't all that labor intensive and MK was happy. 
Served up with slices of cheddar and oyster crackers of course on Christmas dishes too.

Christmas - 

I didn't really have to cook for Christmas and I failed to get photos of all the yummy food.  But I can assure you we had some of the best breakfast foods around! We had a great time at Mom and Dad's Sunday evening and loved watching our little bug open presents.  She is TONS of fun!

Day After Christmas -
Included the baking of homemade biscotti from scratch.  YUM.  No pictures because it is basically devoured!  We had treats this night at Em's.  Lots and lots of yummy goodies!

-Christmased and Cooked out lp

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