Monday, December 19, 2011


What speaks to your heart? 
I often wonder what touches other people's hearts.  
There are many things that make my heart flutter but I always wonder if that's because I lean more to the artistic/free spirit side of things. 
 Do analytical people have their heart flutter over colors and photos and paintings?
It's not just art that makes my heart skip a beat and yes often brings a tear to my eye.  I'll never forget viewing Monet's Le Nymphae (Water Lilies in the Round) in Paris at L'Orangerie.  I could barely breath and wished with all my heart that Mom was there with me.  

Lots of things speak to my heart, here are just a few:
A beautiful photograph
A lovely painting
Interesting Architecture
When beautiful soprano and alto voices hit a high D and B flat (sends chills down my spine)
The Beatles - Let It Be, Lady Madonna
Lovely colors blended together
The Florida Sunset specifically from the west coast - there isn't much to top it.
Paris - studying there for a summer did me in for sure, I'm addicted.
A beautiful bass voice hitting those low A's and G's...whoa.
When MK just stares at me - my knees go weak too
An awesome drummer, I have one memory of MK on a drum kit and man I love that memory.
Well - pretty much everything about that man - he just makes my heart sing. Just look at him.
People doing things for the greater good.
My grandmother's things that are now mine.  Sometimes just her rings send my heart spinning.
Good tasting food - I'm a foodie, can't help it.  Symptom of the job.
Listening to little ones say little prayers - it just pulls at those heart strings.
Heartfelt hymns sung to our Lord and Savior
Weezer - deal with it I'm weird
Friends laughing - not much does more for my soul than laughing with my girlfriends.  In fact a text message convo with a friend last night had me in tears I was laughing so hard.

Well this a longer list than I intended but I'm wondering still what speaks to your heart?  Am alone in loving beautiful sites, gorgeous paintings, incredible music??  Do these kind things make your heart skip a beat? If not what gets your right at your core?  I'm really curious.
- lp


  1. I tried to comment on my phone but was having issues so I'm back on here!

    I'm not as artsy or creative as you by any means, but when I went to Spain (same summer, holla!!) and saw a de Valesquez painting in the Museo del Prado I had to hold back tears as well. Studying the culture and the language for so long and learning about who some of the major players were in Spain's history, and then seeing it live and in person??? I was awestruck. I hope I never forget that day.
    Music tugs at my heartstrings as well. I associate so many different memories with music in my life and every now and then I get to be transported back to a totally different place and remember as much as I can about it...pretty neat.
    I also heart ridiculous text messaging, and changing lyrics to songs. You know what I'm talking about. What are you waiting for?!? (edited)

  2. This makes me smile, miss y'all!