Monday, March 29, 2010


This weekend we spent a couple days in Orlando. MK and Luke had the Global Pet Expo to attend for three days last week.
Allison and I decided to take advantage of the situation and head over there to stay in the fantastic hotel room at the Double Tree Resort compliments of our good friend Farrah. We had a great time eating, laughing, shopping, hanging out by the pool, and eating some more.
We even got to have breakfast with Farrah and Baxley at the hotel. It was tasty and the company was of course fantastic!
I think the boys learned a lot and got some great ideas about their business. Allison and I relaxed after tough work weeks and found great deals at the outlet mall! All in all in was a good weekend.

Sunday we were back over here in Tampa and Farrah and I ran to Sam's for odds and ends and of course samples. On the way there we noticed Baxley singing in the back seat and singing along with the radio.

Here is a a little something to cheer you up on this gloomy (at least here in T-Town) Monday Morning!

I'm not exactly a techy whiz so I don't know how to save the youtube video and then insert it into this blog. That's a little much for me! But I think you can all manage to click on the link...

-computer genius lp

Monday, March 22, 2010

Crafty Crafinista

So although some what artistic but by no means an artist and have some what of an artistic eye I never claimed to be crafty. I am not meticulous enough or patient enough to do most crafts. I like the idea of crafty things however me executing crafty things usually turns out in disaster.

This weekend there was a fantasy baseball draft for several husbands who shall remain nameless for their own protection (especially since the fantasy sports seem to be getting out of hand and they have forgotten that they are indeed fantasies and not realities). So while these nameless husbands participated in a "draft" that took hours the diligent wives decided to have a girls night at Chez Kelly.

This night included Vegetarian Pasta, Chocolate Chip Pie, Crafts (yikes) and New Moon (YES)! A true girly evening.

The craft the we ambitiously embarked on thanks to Freiji's ability to understand the culture of crafting was fancy headbands. Not just any fancy headbands but headbands that have flowers on them. The reason for this project...There ain't no way I'm paying $20 for plastic and fabric at a store just because it's cute. The thought behind this project...I could so do that! So we did...

Now to clarify it took me forever to complete my two headbands due to the fact I have an inability to cut things with scissors (just ask my mom....according to her it's because I'm left handed). Despite my troubles with scissors and glue guns and needles and thread I believe these turned out just adorable and am excited to try my hand at it again soon (especially since all the materials got left at my house)! I might even add a feather to the next one.

- Craftinista lp

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Logan Thomas

I have this wonderful younger cousin which most of my friends know. Logan has been the cutest kid growing up and now that he is 15 he is not only still cute and adorable but handsome AND a athletic stud. He always is trying a new sport and excelling at these new sports. His latest conquest has been lacrosse which none of us know anything about. He played a game today up by our house so we stopped by to see what this was all about. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the game. I might take a liking to watching lacrosse. It was super intense. Here are some shots of Logan during the game. For those of you that knew him as little boy, hold your breath he is quite a bit older and bigger now BUT just as adorable (sorry Logan but you are)!

- much older cousin lp

Thursday, March 11, 2010

St. Pete

So Sarah Anne needed some help with some art homework so we headed to St. Pete to go to the Salvador Dali Museum for some culture. Although Dali is not my fav it was nice to learn a bit more about him. I do like it when artists are well rounded and experiment with different mediums and he did for sure! He might have been crazy but some of his jewelry, watercolors, and lithographs are amazing!

We also caught some lunch down by the pier at Frescoes. We both enjoyed the beautiful day and the gorgeous, warm sunshine, and delicious food! It was the perfect Florida spring day and it made this Florida girl quite happy!

Here is a look at what kind of day we had....


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Claire's 2nd Birthday

Claire turned 2 on March 1st. We celebrated with family on Saturday. It was full of pink cupcake goodness and Dora fabulousity. She was so happy to open all her presents especially the BIG one from her mommy and daddy, it was a refrigerator to match the rest of her kitchen! Baxley was there too and she was so sweet to sit nicely and watch Claire open her presents. It's so hard when someone else is sharing your spot light. We love BAX! Here are some pictures of Claire opening presents, diving into her cake, and Bax sitting sweetly.

- lp

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Yoga + Dogs = Downward Facing Dog (literally)

I do yoga in my kitchen. It's the biggest open area in our quaint, cozy townhouse. It's nice cause I look out our back door into the woods, makes me feel all earthy and junk.

The pups see yoga time as a time to sit close to mom. Lola has even learned some poses. She has perfected the Downward Facing Dog pose. It comes naturally I suppose. She is a dog after all.

Joey prefers to just sit close.

Silly dogs don't they understand that yoga is serious business that require serious concentration?

- yoga master lp

Monday, March 1, 2010

This little girl....

This little girl is a handful....

And she keeps staring
at my birthday M&MS as if they are for her. Seriously....she keeps running in
from the patio to check on them to make sure they are still sitting next to me and to see if I'm going to tell her no.
She is also a licker and cuddle bug. I love her.
- lp